Never Changing diarrhea Will Eventually Destroy You

Pathya –Apathya for Atisaar(Diarrhoea) Light food for eating is advisiable. Eg. Peya (thin gruel without containing any grains prepared by boiling appropriate drugs or paddy) and Manda (that does not contain Siktha) Old Rice of variety Sali and Shashti is best. Soup prepared from pigeon pea, meat soup of rabbit ,ain (black deer) lava bird, deer, (Partride) all kind of small fishes are advisiable.Cows and Goat milk and curd is best in atisaar.Intake of butter milk prevents the electolytes loss.Fresh banana fruits, Jambuphala(chestnut/ Eugenia jambolanaLam.), unripe Bilva(AegelmarmelosLinn.Conr)fruit, Jatiphala(Nutmeg/MyristicafragransHenlt.),Vijaya(Cannabis sativaLinn.) etc.are the stool binding hence give in Atisaar.Dadima(pomegranate), Cangeri(Indian sorrel/ Oxalis corniculataLinn), Hribera(ValerianawallichiiD.C.), Kustumbru, dried ginger, Mahanimba(MeliaazadarachLinn), cumin seeds, Kapitha(Wood apple), etc. are given in atisaar. Fasting, day sleeping are beneficial in diarrhoea patient…


Epilepsy is a condition where transient loss of consciousness is found for certain period of time which may last from few seconds to few minutes. Ayurveda explains epilepsy under the name Apsmaar. According to Acharya Charaka-there is complete or ocassional loss of consciousness associated with suspended memory, intellect and mind. Causes- Consumption of unwholesome food habitAngerSubconscious fearDebilitated mindIrregularly over excited doshas etc.Premonitory symptoms: Contracted eyebrowsContinuous deviation of the eyesAuditory hallucinationSalivation and nasal dischargeLoss of interest in foodSensation of spasm or congestion of heartGurgling sound in the abdomenFatiguePain all over the body muscles and jointsHallucinationFeeling of darknessFaintingGiddinessDreams of intoxication, dancing, stabbing, falling etc.

Important features of epilepsy (apasmara) Convulsions with teeth bitingDribbling of frothy salivaExpiratory dyspneaRoughness of the bodyRed or black discoloration of the body surfac…


Parijatak offers the Best Ulcerative Colitis Ayurveda Treatment Nagpur Ulcerative Colitis is a gynecological health disorder characterized by inflammation of the inner lining of the rectum and colon. The condition originates in the rectum and then gradually spreads upward to the colon through the inner lining. Causes of Ulcerative Colitis The major causes of Ulcerative Colitis are as follows: Autoimmune diseaseAllergies to certain specific food itemsGenetic or hereditary factorsVarious types of body infections occurring in a woman’s bodyExposure to excessive heat or sun radiationsExcessive consumption of alcoholAddiction to smokingPhysical overexertionConsumption of too much spicy, sour or stale foodSymptoms of Ulcerative Colitis The most common symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis are as follows: Undigested stool in yellow or slight bluish colorIrregular bowel movementWeakness or fatigueUnpleasant odor of the bodyUnexplained weight lossLoss of appetiteRectal pain occasionallyBurning sensation in…


Get Effective Home remedies for Instant Glow- Talk to Parijatak
10 Things To Know About Home Remedies For Instant Glow, Home remedies and Ayurvedic formulations are the best that can give effective results and bring the glowing beauty of your skin. Having worked in this field for so many years the experts at Parijatak Ayurveda can provide a remedy which is best suitable for your skin type. Once you use Ayurveda for your skin you will have complete faith in its effectiveness. Mukhlepam – For Radiance that Your Skin Needs Ayurveda holds one special secret of beauty treatments; Mukhlepam or Ayurvedic facial is one of those important therapies. Using special oils or pastes, you can get natural facelift massage. Ayurvedic facialcan also be performed using some special herbs that show anti-aging properties and help you get a wrinkle-free skin. Among various components for facial mixtures are honey, aloe vera, sandalwood powder, rice powder, lemon juice, cucumber, coconut water, turmeric, rose w…

How To Use depression treatment To Desire

Depression Treatment in Nagpur Depression Treatment in Nagpur: Almost everybody has been depressed once in their lives. If you find yourself in one such downy stint at this point and popping a pill for feeling low is just not your style, then an easy and effective alternative is depression.  Ayurvedic depression treatment in Nagpur is widely available through the constantly growing network of hospitals fanned throughout the city. Seeking Ayurvedic attention and care for depression has two-fold benefits. First, you can dodge chemical pills, and second, get the disease cured from its source instead of tackling the symptoms alone.

Ayurvedic Medication to Treat Depression: In Ayurveda, it is believed that depression can be treated by stabilizing the mind and bringing it on the same plane with the body and the soul. There are two types of medications that counter depression and its symptoms. Mood uplifting Spice Mix: Ayurvedic doctors have whipped up a blend from common kitchen spices to d…

The Secret Of non ulcer dyspepsia

Here, gulma cikitsa should be done, that is kapha vata samanam and agni dipana drugs are selected

Ardhavilvam kaayam – 60 ml morning and night before food.Gandandarvahastadi kasayam– 60 ml morning and night before food.Indukantham kasayam – 60 ml morning and night before food.Varandadi kasayam– 60 ml morning and night before food.
Curnam Vaisvanara curnam – 1 teaspoon with kasayamHinguvacadi curnam – 1 teaspoon with kasayamAvipathi curnam – 2 teaspoons with warm water at night.Asta curnam- 1 teaspoon warm water morning and night after food
Gulika Hinguvacadi gulika (1 gram tablets) 1-0-1 after food.Dhanvantram gulika 2-0-2 after foodCitrakadi gulika 2-0-2 with kasayamThayirsunti -2-0-2 after food.Srngaberdi gulika -2-0-2 after food.
Lehyam Kalyanaka gulam- 1 teaspoon at bed time with milk for sukha virecanaTrvrt lehyam- 1 teaspoon at bed time with milk
Ghrtam Indukantha ghrtam