It's All About (The) matra vasti

Matra vasti is a type of sneha vasti – fat enema. It has been highly praised for its extensive and multi-dimensional use.Before applying some gentle massage is done  on stomach, lumbar and buttocks using warm oil. After this lubricate anus and tube before inserting.Using a disposable syringes or a catheter. The oil is held as long as the possible before it is released. Before the treatment patients are guided to eat only a light meal. Following Vasti, it is necessary to wait 2-4 hours before the next meal and prefer light food and coriander tea. Otherwise, indigestion or fever may result. If the oil is not eliminated it will be absorbed and it not an issue.
Indications for matra vasti: ·Vyayama karshita – those who have got weak due to excessive exercises·Karma karshita – people who are debilitated due to excessive work, strenuous work·Bhara karshita – people who are debilitated due to excessi…

The ultimate Guide of Bruhana Nasyam Therapy


This treatment uses ghee, oils, salt, shatavari ghee, ashwagandha ghee and medicated milk to cure vata disorders. Studies suggest that it is beneficial to cure vata-type headaches, migraine headache, dryness of voice, dry nose, nervousness, anxiety, fear, dizziness and emptiness.  Negative thoughts can be banished by undergoing this treatment. In case of the person is suffering from heaviness of eyelids, bursitis, stiffness in the neck, dry sinuses and loss of sense of smell, Bruhana Nasya would be the best bet.
Diseases treated under Bruhana Nasyam Therapy:
AphoniaBronchitisCataractCatarrhChronic coryzaCoryzaDiseases of mouth, nose, ear, eye and headDiseases of the eyelidDryness Of The NoseFacial ParalysisFrozen ShoulderHemi CraniaHoarseness of voice      Hysteria
Symptoms of good Nasya procedure: 

1.Breathing without difficulty
2.Good sleep
3.Improved strength of sense organs
Benefits of Nasya treatment:  
1.The skin, shoulders, neck face and chest become thick, well developed a…

Little Known Ways to pradhamana nasyam


In this type of Nasya karma, dry powders (rather than oils) are blown into the nose with the help of a tube. Pradhamana nasya is mainly used to treat kapha types of diseases such as headaches, heaviness in the head, cold, nasal congestion, sticky eyes and hoarseness of voice due to sticky kapha, sinusitis. Chronic diseases such as cervical lymph adenitis and tumors can also be treated by Pradhaman Nasya. 
Some skin diseases are easily treated by this type of Nasya karma. Epilepsy, drowsiness, Parkinsonism, inflammation of the nasal mucosa, attachment, greed and lust can be effectively treated by the therapy. Powders such as brahmi are traditionally used in this therapy.

Diseases treated under Nasyam therapy:

AphoniaBronchitisCataractCatarrhChronic coryzaDiseases of mouth, nose, ear, eye and headDiseases of the eyelidDryness Of The NoseFacial ParalysisFrozen Shoulder·Hemi CraniaHoarseness of voiceHysteriaMigraineMultiple SclerosisParkinsonismSeminal disordersShoulder pa…



Nasyamis a therapeutic treatment for the nose, throat, sinuses and head. The face, shoulders, and chest are massaged with specific herbal oil and the herbal extracts and herbal oils are measured exactly and instilled into the nostrils while inhaling. After this process, the area around the nose, chest, palms, and foot are massaged vigorously. 
This Ayurvedic therapy can provide a miraculous remedy for congestion. When it is combined with Abhyangam, it also calms the body, relieving it of stress and toxins. It also helps regulate our hormones. This extended therapy will cleanse, purify and strengthen the nasal passages allowing you to breathe fully and easily again. Nasyam treatment means putting nasal drops. 
While you might be already knowing about the usage of nasal drops to relieve nasal congestion, Ayurvedic nasya therapy is quite different from this usual practice. While putting the drops into nostrils remains the same, the purpose of this treatment varies in Ayurveda.…



Since ancient times of Acharya Sushruta Raktamosham in panchakarma. leeches were used to treat many illnesses and disease through bloodletting, a method where blood was drawn out in the hope that removing impure blood would heal the body. Believe it or not, leech therapy is sometimes the best alternative in treating illnesses, and even surpasses pharmacological treatments. Because of its healing effects to the human body, this traditional method of curing diseases is still thriving today.
Treating Vascular Disease It is in the leeches saliva that has been known to cure or prevent diseases. Their saliva has over 100 bioactive substances that are very beneficial. One such component is hirudin, which acts as an anticoagulation agent. Calin is another component that also inhibits blood coagulation. A component that dissolves fibrin clots as well as inhibits the formation of thrombus is the destabilase. Leech saliva also contains a Factor Xa inhibitor, and this compound re…